Welcome to
West Point Christian Church
Meet our Pastor!

He is a sinner saved by grace just like all Christians.  He was saved as a young man from wild living and Jesus gave him purpose, peace, and a new life by Jesus' power and forgiveness.  He was called by the Lord to preach and to teach people God's Word, the Bible.  And that is what he has been doing in our small country church near Russiaville since 2009.  His sermons are Bible centered, with an emphasis on helping everyone understand clearly what God has said and how it applies in our lives.

Pastor Miracle was ordained as a preacher at Chapel Hill Christian Church in Kokomo and is a Cincinnati Christian Seminary graduate.  During his time at West Point, the pastor enjoys helping people know Jesus, understand the Bible, and he enjoys watching this faith family grow. 

Family is the key word for how Pastor Miracle feels about West Point.  He is enjoying raising his own family with all the love and encouragement of the church.